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    Site Opening Character Slots


    Site Opening Character Slots

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:04 pm

    Since we're a new site I'm allowing the creation of high ranking characters.

    Rules -

    +You only get one character from this slots so choose wisely.
    +You get 1 custom Knightmare and 2 weapons after that you need to purchase them normally.
    +No geass users at creation.
    +No emperor, president, crown prince essentially no heads of state.

    Chart of ranks:

    C - Lowest rank available these are the grunts. They're not allowed to handle Knightmares apart from weak third generation units.

    B - Unit leaders. They're the midlevel guys who are more imposing than regular infantry and are allowed to use fourth - fifth generation units. (Normal Knights and equivalent are this category)

    A - High tier leaders. This are leaders who command entire battalions and can use Knightmares up to the eight generation. They're generals, Knights of Order from 8-12 and some royals.

    S - The highest any person can achieve they're the leaders of entire nations, powerful Organizations or simply powerful Individuals they're the greatest pilots, shooters and/or swordsman. [Not Open]

    Slots Open


    1. Dimitrix Vi Britannia
    2. Alistair Vi Britannia
    3. Open


    1. Open
    3. Open
    4. Open
    5. Open



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