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    Site Rules

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:23 pm


    General Rule

    1 - Not flaming or trolling is allowed in this forum we expect you to be respectful to each other at every moment of your stay on this site. If you have an issue with someone contact staff.

    2 - If you have an issue with a staff decision please contact said staff member to explain his decision and use dialogue to resolve the situation DO NOT openly attack and criticize the decision of the staff member. If said staff member cannot resolve the situation contact the Head of the Moderator.

    3 - You're responsible for your application and/or content a moderator is allowed to delete it if it's rule breaking material.

    4. This a PG13 topic forum please do NOT post excessive and descriptive sex scenes as it will be deleted and warnings will be sent out.

    Role Playing Rules

    1. Metagaming is when you use out of character information to use to your advantage and use in character this is not allowed and if caught you will be submitted to a penalty where it will affect the progression of your character.

    2. Godmodding is when you take control of another persons character or use their abilities with insane abilities making them essentially gods this is not allowed and will be subject to great penalties.

    3. Death means just that death if your character is killed and under normal circumstances cannot be resurrected you will be given a set number of credits for your next character but you cannot ressurect a dead character.

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