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    Alistair Vi Britannia W.I.P


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    Alistair Vi Britannia W.I.P

    Post  Alistair on Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:23 pm

    Basic Character Information:
    Name: Britannia, Alistair Vi
    Alias / Nickname: Prince of the People
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Alistair is a tall man coming in at 6 foot 3 inches. He has dark flowing hair which if let down comes down to his shoulders. He usually however has it kept up to some extent. His eyes are dark in color but actually a dark shade of brown, not black despite popular belief. He holds himself with a slight slouch which is seen as unprofessional by his father and siblings but he doesn't really care. His body type is tall and slender. This is not to say he is not strong he just is more naturally built for speed.

    He dresses formal but not in formal prince wear. He finds it impractical, over expensive and just plain uncomfortable. He just feels normal formal dress brings him closer to the people and things of the sort. On his body he has not distinguishing marks such as tattoos or scars.

    Personality: Alistair is a very calm and easy going guy. He does not usually get upset about much and prefers a rational approach to things. He has a good amount of self control in life and thinks most of the time before taking actions. That is not always true but it is in most situations. He is a very honest person and appreciates it in return. This is not to say he won't lie if a job or peoples lives require it but in average situations he is honest. Alistair is loyal without a doubt to his friends, and any of that type. While he is a calm guy he also loves to joke around, not in a obnoxious loud sort of way but with situational puns, and sarcasm. Sarcasm is one of his favorite pastimes. His calmness and self control do have limits though. If pushed to far he will explode in anger but his anger isn't typical red face, screaming kind, no Alistair's anger is usually symbolized by uncontrollable laughter and either him trying to calm himself down or well, the alternative has never happened yet. To get him this far you must though really do things bad to people he cares about.

    Alistair is very stubborn and refuses to give up in hopeless situations. He often does his best work under pressure and is a very quick wit during those times. This is not to say he has a slow wit any other time it just goes into hyper drive. Alistair is a intelligent guy in many ways and often likes to spew random facts at people, some useful some not. Secretly he is a hopeless romantic and hopes for love and happiness and all that stuff but he keeps that to himself as he finds it embarrassing to mention it to others. When it comes to others in general he is slow to trust people but once you have earned his trust he will fight to the death for you. Speaking of death that is an oddity with him. While he won't run recklessly causing his own death at a whim and he won't just roll over and die he isn't scared to die if there is no other choice. He does hold a certain view of the planet and see's what is wrong with it but knows nothing is stagnant.

    Being raised as the 3rd Prince of Britannia he is expected to be held to certain measures. Many he just refuses to do, these being more small traits. The larger ones he has learned how to act them out. Alistair has a deep hatred for the injustice done by his family and country to the countless innocents since their reign. He has a on the surface great relationship with his family as he can pretend but in truth he despises most of them, with few exception. Being a prince he was privy to the best education out there. During that seeing the horrors done he grew a deep hatred for his family line with little to like. His most hated ancestors are Princess Euphenia the slaughter princess and the 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire Lelouch Vi Britannia. He does however appreciate some of the good one such as Empress Nunally. He has occasionally thought about murdering the bigot nobles but he has not, yet at least. While he loves his country and it in general he hates it's actions and everything it has come to represent.

    As said he can act. He loves the people, even the few good nobles of Britannia. They love him too. He has a certain way with people and in turn is the fan favorite prince over his over siblings. He treats the people of Britannia with kindness which is there in his heart too, holding hands with the burning hatred for injustice. He has been known to donate funds to people and even personally going to aid people. His more humble clothing does aid this too. He only wants to help the world but he feels his country is in his way.

    Alistair enjoys many things in life. He does love the stars he enjoys watching them to no extent, he finds a certain beauty in them. and thinks they are much better than this planet. He enjoys them because no matter what the cruelty and darkness of men do, no matter how much this world is destroy by the monstrosities of this world they are stagnant in beauty and peace, never changing always there and always beautiful. He also does enjoy reading in his spare time. He feels whether you read for knowledge, for fun or anything it is a good thing as it keeps your mind sharp but not only that but it also keeps people interesting. He does love the cold but he also appreciates the fire which keeps everyone warm. He absolutely loves nighttime though due to the feel of the air.

    Alistair really does hate cocky people. So what if you saved the city 5 times just be humble, pride and cockiness are one of his biggest pet peeves. He also has a big distaste for people in power who abuse that power as he feels power should be handled with responsibility and not thrown around willy nilly with unneeded spending or executions of people who don't deserve it. He has a thing about spicy food too, he does not like it at all. He can handle it but he just does not like it one bit. He also dislikes the sun, because he burns easily and not to mention it gives him headaches.

    He has a large irrational fear of snakes. Since he was a small child he has always had the fear of snakes. This is one of his only fears. The reason is not the animal itself but the fact that of their indefinite bone structure and lack of legs and slithering. The fear is not debilitating to fact where he is immobilized or something like that however he may certainly choose a longer path than a shorter one with snakes. He will still be able to fight if he must though with them present at the situation. His only other fear is that of being alone. He never does talk about the second fear however as he is often embarrassed about it and does not wish to think about it

    Alistair being born with a good sense of justice that is one of his biggest motivations. He knows the world has much wrong with it and that it can be fixed. He wishes to help change the world for the better, saving lives. He see's corruption and things of the sort around the world and it disgusts him. Even as a kid he had ideas of helping people and even the childish notion of saving the world. This is ironic because in a almost paradoxical sense he often finds himself disliking a lot of people and often wonders himself why he wants to help people but overall his ideals of justice and doing the right thing always come back to him.

    Philosophy: He tries to live by Justice and preserve it in the world often by whatever means he can.

    Nation Information:
    Nation Allegiance:  Holy Britannian Empire
    Political Position: Prince
    Nobility Title: 2nd Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire

    Role Information:
    Organization | Group: [Are you part of an approved group or organization? If not, then put N/A.]
    Title: [Knight, Enlisted, etc...]
    Rank: A
    Residency: Pendragon, Holy Britannian Empire
    Organization | Group: [Are you part of an approved group or orgnization? examples: Order of Michael, Order of Raphael, Knight of Round  etc. If not, then put N/A.]

    Skill Information:
    Skill Specialty: [Pick 2 specialties: Hand to hand fighter, sword master, gun specialist, Knightmare Pilot, Scientist.]
    -Tertiary: [For A ranked and higher]

    Special  Affinity:
    -Affinity: [Choose the  affinity of your character's body. If your character able to communicate with technology to a superhuman level? If your character a influential person?]

    Special Characteristics:
    Special Characteristics: [These characteristics tells us more about the characters actions; is he a an avid explorer? Is he a courageous warrior?.]



    History Information:
    History: [Please write your history and be detailed. This is mostly for you to know about your character. Split this up into arcs, such as "Birth Arc" where you describe the family and the birth and what that meant/how it affected the family. "Academy Arc" where your character ages enough to enter the military academy or normal academy, and starts to open that chapter of their life. And "Young Adult Arc" where they finally become a soldier or other path they choose  after a long time of training in the academy. Each Arc should be around 2-3 paragraphs long]

    [This is where your abilities, gadgets , Weapons and Knightmares are to be posted with their proper formatting.

    Knightmare Page:

    [Post an image of your Frame here. The best you can do it doesn't have to  be the exact model but a general idea]

    Name: The name of the Knightmare

    Manufacturer: Who made, sponsored and developed this Knightmare

    Generation: What is the generation of the unit? If it's a prototype of a new generation requires admin approval

    Pilot: The pilot's name.

    Equipment and Design Features

    (List the weapons/equipment you've purchased and wish to install. You must provide proof you have already bought the weapons and devices)

    Height: The average size of a Knightmare is 14 - 15 feet

    Weight: List a general weight for the machine. Average is from 4 - 8 tons.

    Description: Decribe how your Knightmare looks, and give any details possible about how it functions, its exact size. Please describe anything that makes this Knightmare a custom unit.



    [Post an image of your part here, if you'd like.]

    Name: The part's  name.

    Manufacturer: Who created this item?

    Part Type: Rifle, Sword, Missile, Shield, etc..

    Construction Type: Energy-based or physical material.

    Equipment and Design Features

    (Explain in as much detail as possible what the weapon looks like, how it works, what it's used for, etc.)

    Development: You will either purchase this weapon with Credits or you will have to do to a development RP according to it's rank.

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