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    Pre Approved Missions


    Pre Approved Missions

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:07 pm

    Mission Name: Apprehend Suspect
    Mission Type: Arrest
    Mission Rank: C
    Reward: 100 Credits
    Mission Description: A suspects of numerous robberies has been seen in the ghettos of Pendragon he is to be apprehended and if required deadly force is authorized. He is to be treated as violent and armed.

    Mission Name: Terrorist Suppression
    Mission Type: Enemy Combat
    Mission Rank: B
    Reward: 200 credits
    Mission Description: You will do this mission with a unit on foot and storm a hideout of terrorist. They're armed and dangerous and will shoot to kill. Be wary of explosives best to work in unit with a weapon specialist to identify the explosives.

    Mission Name: Enemy Knightmare
    Mission Type: Enemy Combat
    Mission Rank: A
    Reward: 400
    Mission Description: Terrorist have acquired a Sutherland and have moved on to attack in the open citizens of the city. This cannot stand engage in Knightmare combat the enemy and make an example of him.

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