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    .:The Forsaken Prince:. Dimitrix Vi Brtitannia


    .:The Forsaken Prince:. Dimitrix Vi Brtitannia

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:12 pm

    Basic Character Information:
    Name: Britannia Dimitrix
    Alias / Nickname: The Forsaken Prince
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male

    Dimitrix is a strong well built young man with black hair hanging down to his neck. His eyes are a  grey color. He stands 6 feet tall. His clothing is that of well made fancy white suit with symbols of the Knight of Britannian adorning across the whole suit with a long white trench coat adorned with belts and other emblems on his waist there's his ceremonial Knight blade. Apart form that he wears a single cauldron which holds together his majestic gray cape of the Knight of Ten

    His expression remains calm and relaxed which makes him a popular battle leader people. His smile is said to calm the nerves of even a bull. He carries himself with a sense of importance after all he is royalty which creates a imposing figure to others.


    A protecting spirit to those who can't defend themselves Dimitrix sees the value of others even when they themselves can't see them. He has been called an idealist or even a weakling for his ideals that one should see past a persons nationality and focus on their deeds.

    He protects his subordinates like they were his sons, he considers himself their protectors. For enemies he is a tactician and considers the mission and objective the priority and does not waste time senselessly butchering his enemies but if they stand in his way he will take down if needed while taking no pleasure in this.

    Philosophy: He sees this world as a world filled with war and challenges to overcome not necessarily unfair but he understand difficult in situations he is not blind to the world. However he believes one can overcome all other difficulties with help and doing service to the Empire.

    Nation Information:
    Nation Allegiance:   Holy Britannian Empire
    Political Position: Knight of Ten
    Nobility Title:

    Previous: Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire
    Current: Viscount

    Role Information:
    Organization | Group: Knight of Round
    Title: Knight of Ten
    Rank: A rank
    Residency: Saint Darwin District
    Organization | Group: Knight of Round

    Skill Information:
    Skill Specialty: [Pick 2 specialties: Hand to hand fighter, sword master, gun specialist, Knightmare Pilot, Scientist.]
    -Main: Knightmare Pilot
    -Sub: Sword Master
    -Tertiary: Tactician

    Special  Affinity:
    -Affinity: Knightmare piloting

    Special Characteristics:
    Special Characteristics:


    Name: Leader
    Rank: A
    Range: N/A
    Description: The character is able to manage public office such a minister, viceroy etc He is able to charm the masses with his charisma and great demeanor. He is able to properly lead people and they're more capable of following.

    History Information:


    Dimitrix mother was a very influential Baroness in the house of Lords she was named the Iron Queen for her beauty and powerful speeches and policies she implemented in the house of Lords. She did not align with the aristocrats as it was expected of her instead she was a defender of the commoners and masses she was beloved by the commoners her strength was her voice and position.

    The emperor saw how influential she was becoming among the masses as their defenders, he saw this as a threat to his rule as he feared the masses would revolt against the nobility. But no matter how he tried to give order to have her killed he could not. Instead he would silence her, the Emperor issued a summon for her presence ordering to come to the castle at once. In there he told her with no hesitation "You have two options you can become my Empress or you and your whole family will be killed" it is said she looked at the Emperor straight in the eye and with no fear told him "I shall fear no man for I am the Iron Queen and if this is what I must do to protect my family I shall also be The Empress of Britannia" the nobles around her were shocked and gasped. The Emperor just smiled and led her to his private chambers.

    Young Prince:

    Dimitrix was taught politics, history and all subjects normally taught at school but instead given by the best tutors in Pendragon he was treated as Royalty should be treated. While Dimitrix was not the first child of the Emperor he was among the most loved as he was strong, ideal and a great orator however he had one "flaw" he like his mother harbored a deep respect for people regardless of race or social status.

    While the Emperor did not agree with this he never made an effort to separate the Empress from him it was rumored than even the Emperor could be persuaded by the Iron Queen. No matter the reason the Empress and at the time the 45th Prince Dimitrix was loved and protected by his mother.

    Glory to the Prince:

    The 45th Prince at the time Dimitrix joined the military academy against the wishes of his mother who wished for him to be solely a politician but Dimitrix was determined and with the Emperor blessing joined the military academy where he excelled in every subject he was a master tactician some even referred to him as the Second Schnitzel.

    When he graduated with the highest honor in which he rightfully earned instead of being handed to him as most would have expected he joined the army as a Knightmare pilot he defeated and suppressed many insurrections with both diplomacy and warfare it is said as soon the commanders of the enemy learned it was Dimitrix they surrendered with all his military achievements Dimitrix was raised to Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire second only to the crown prince and the Emperor himself.


    The flaw which haunted him for so long was among the reasons he was forsaken in that tragic night. Dimitrix was in the Imperial Palace under orders of the Emperor he was to receive a honor for his great valor and service to the Empire suddenly when he heard screams he rushed to aid whoevers was screaming but what he found sickened him it was Duke a very high ranking member of the aristocracy sexually assaulting a servant it is said this was common Dimitrix was sickened by this and ordered the man to unhand her. The noble look at Dimitrix in the eyes and told him "Why she's filth just like your mother." this infuriated Dimitrix who being a master swordsman unsheathed his blade and in the blink of an eye decapitated the man right there where he stood.

    Dimitrix sheathed his blade and offered his cape to the screaming and crying woman and went to turn himself in to the Emperor. The Emperor understood the severity of the crime and knew what was expected of him from the nobility but instead of sentencing Dimitrix to death he removed him from the line of succession and but allowed him to remain a noble by giving him the title of Viscount and give him the position of Knight of Ten for his service to the Empire. Dimitrix understood and bowed to the Emperor and removed himself from the palace.

    As he is no longer a royal  he is below in social rank to other nobles but even this does not bother him as he still serves his empire happily.

    [This is where your abilities, gadgets , Weapons and Knightmares are to be posted with their proper formatting.

    Knightmare Page:

    Name: Lionel

    Manufacturer: Holy Britannian Empire

    Generation: Eight Generation

    Pilot: Viscount Dimitrix Vi Britannia

    Equipment and Design Features

    2x Hand Mounted Hadron Blasters
    4x Slash Harkens on it's 2 on it's chest 2 on it's hips
    Integrated Float System
    1x Massive Maser Vibration Sword nicknamed "Excalibur" instead of a longsword it is a massive claymore that can slice normal metal with ease.

    Height: 7.20 meters

    Weight: 16 metric tons

    Description: Its armor is light purple and black. The Lionel is similar to the famed unit Gawain in many similar aspects however this unit was built with close combat in mind as such it has a stronger frame that can withstand maser vibration swords because it's armor is coated with sakuridte increasing it's strength and speed. It has two hand mounded hadron blasters and the massive sword Excalibur rest on it's sheath on it's back which is bigger than the actual frame. The sheath also serves as the frames float system.

    Personal Equipment:

    Name: The Iron Queen

    ItemType: Personal Sword

    Equipment and Design Features

    A simple longsword that is used for ceremonial purposes however it is still very sharp and is made for combat and in the hand of Dimitrix it can be a powerful asset.

    Name: Handgun

    ItemType: Gun

    Equipment and Design Features

    Simple handgun that can fire up to 10 shots it can be easily concealed in clothing and in the hands of someone practiced it can be a strong asset.

    Name: Body Armor

    ItemType: Armor

    Equipment and Design Features

    Armor that is put under clothes to protect against bullets. It can protect to some extent a few knightmare bullets but they can still crush or break bones.

    Knightmare Equipment:

    Name: Hadronblaster x 2

    Manufacturer: Holy Britannian Empire

    Part Type: Blaster

    Construction Type: Energy Based

    Equipment and Design Features

    Hadron blaster are energy based blasters capable of firing  spherical burst shot as opposed to a straight beam of energy based hadrons. It is powerful enough to pierce through a standard Blaze Luminous.

    Name: Excalibur

    Manufacturer: Holy Britannian Empire

    Part Type: Sword

    Construction Type: Physical Fiber

    Equipment and Design Features

    It is a Massive maser vibration sword  weapon that uses a combination of extremely high oscillation rates and temperatures in order to increase the cutting effectiveness of the weapon, thus this leads to the gray material suddenly becoming red. Due to some Maser Vibration Swords having similar oscillation rates, they can collide with each other without being cut.

    The Excalibur is able to easily break through armor in a single swing, and is capable of generating an energy field that can block and slice through powerful energy blasts

    Name: Chest Mounted Blaze Luminous

    Manufacturer: Holy Britannian Empire

    Part Type: Shield

    Construction Type: Energy Based

    Equipment and Design Features

    A system that projects energy in the form of shields around a nearby target. It cannot be used more than a  set number of times per battle as it will depelte the energy resource of the Knightmare

    Re: .:The Forsaken Prince:. Dimitrix Vi Brtitannia

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:16 pm


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