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    Nvaedan Weyr: semi-canon DRoP [IF - LB]


    Nvaedan Weyr: semi-canon DRoP [IF - LB]

    Post  trua on Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:52 pm

    [align=center]Pern Ruined[/align]

    The Aikatans control most of Pern. A religious group of humans that truly believe AIVAS was a God, and that the Dragons betrayed him - the Aikatans have all but wiped out the dragon population. Driven from their homes and forced to flee or die for centuries, Dragons have struggled to survive. Their cousins, the Whers and the Firelizards, are believed to be extinct, having been hunted so much that none have been seen for centuries. Dragonriders of murdered dragons have been treated like dirt, and the sympathizers of the dragons have been prevented from gaining any rank.

    A New Overlord for the North has ascended the throne - he is said to thirst for dragon blood more than any previous leader. Everything on Pern has changed, and for the dragons, it seems to be for the worst.

    Until a plucky blue dragon is contacted by the Holders of Nvaedan - a Hold entirely full of Vyaran believers and Dragon sympathizers. They have a Weyr, abandoned since its construction that dates back to Landing, and are willing for the dragons to reside there. It takes time, but eventually dragons of all five colours are safely brought to the Weyr, and the old Gold Rises and clutches for her last time. Twenty Five eggs and eleven dragons are all that seem to remain of the Dragon Kin. And they are angry.

    [align=center]Can the Dragons Reclaim Pern?

    Or Will They Be Wiped Out Forever?

    ~ * ~[/align]

      What we offer!* A Brand New Semi-Canon to Non-Canon Site, with room to bring almost any idea to life!* Willing Candidates from Nvaedan Hold, and Unwilling Candidates kidnapped by Traders!* A Ruthless Overlord, and his Dragon Hunting Army!* Impressions based on Personality - and Mutations to come!* Leadership positions available!* 25 Eggs on the Ashes, including a Queen Egg! Will they hatch safely?* The rediscovery of Firelizards and Whers - and the discovery of new species - awaits you!* Any Gender can be Any Rank!* Member Ran Hatchings!* Original Plot, based on the works of Anne and Todd McCaffrey!

    ((PS: This is a linkback, but I could not start a post as a guest in the correct location. Also, it says guests cannot post external links or emails.))

    Re: Nvaedan Weyr: semi-canon DRoP [IF - LB]

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Sat Jan 11, 2014 8:00 pm

    Apologies for that. I fixed the issue and your topic was moved to the correct place.

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