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    Nation System


    Nation System

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:02 pm

    Nations are the countries that control the world much like our world. They have a Government which can range from Absolute monarchy to democratic republic it all depends on the type of persons in charge and the will of the masses.

    Super Powers

    Superpower are enormous nations who control a large part of the world currently all Superpowers which include the Holy Britannian Empire, Chinese Federation and European Union have approximately the same number of territories.

    They're currently at a sort of peace in which no country is at war but that could change at any moment and rewrite maps.

    Independant Nations

    Independent nations are nations who are not part of any superpower while not as strong as them they can still fight back to a certain extent.

    Forming a Nation

    To form a nation you must first create a Organization tailored specific for that. After that you have two options on how to go about conquering territories.

    Coup d'etat  - By going this route you will take over a established country with you as their leader. This is not easy as you will first need to wage war, win and takeover their government. This will anger the people and they may revolt. So be careful when choosing this option.

    Conquering uninhabited land - This is easier but much more expensive you first need to study the maps and see what lands are available, then seek admin approval to conquer the land. You need to have a lot of credits for this to happen. You need at least 15,000 credits to purchase the necessary land for a nation and it's basic structure.

    Conquering Nations

    The leader of a nation must first issue a declaration of war against the territory they wish to conquer, then the country will pay 20,000 credits to mobilize their fleet to conquer the land PC soldiers are also mobilized to fight in the war.

    When the defense of the country are defeated the land is considered conquered and the conquered countries credits are paid out to the victor and the land is annexed to the victorious country.

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