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    Geass Information


    Geass Information

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:18 pm


    Geass is allowed on this site however you cannot start with a geass ability.  To possess a geass you must find or be approached by a geass immortal in which they or the Geass Directorate grant you the abilities to be a Geass user.

    Rules on Geass

    1. Geass that affect the mind are the only geass allowed. No deathray vision, no flying geass are allowed on this site. Please be reasonable.

    2. "Abosolute" Geass are not allowed as with all Geass it must have a weakness.

    3. Please be original with this ability make it special we do not want 100 Lelouches here.

    Geass Immortals

    A geass Immortal is person who is a immortal thanks to his code and has the ability to form contracts with humans to give them the power of King that of Geass.


    1. You're immortal but that doesn't mean you're OP. You can still be "killed" like a normal human and be captured until regenerate.

    2. If you're captured your character cannot be in new topics apart from those started by the captors.

    3. You're not part of any nation. You belong to Geass Directorate or a wanderer. This is done to prevent a nation from becoming a Geass superpower.

    4. There can only be three Geass Immortals in the site.

    [*]Director of the Geass Directorate- Open

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