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    Ranking System


    Ranking System

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:58 pm

    Britannian Military Ranks

    High General - The High General is a member of the Brittanian Military and only takes order from Royalty he does not answer to any nobles and will do as he is commanded by royalty. He commands the entire military when a royal is not present. It is the highest rank any soldier can achieve.  

    General - A general is a high ranking member of the Britannian military there is a General assigned to each royal and each settlement where they take command of the military there.

    Knight - "Knights" as by their name sake are elite specialized armed forces within Britannia, usually Knightmare pilots, that operate outside standard Britannian military hierarchy. Many are under personal command of a member of the Royal family. They are known to wield swords as well as fire arms and often wear elaborated uniforms.

    Captain - A well seasoned soldier who take commands of units of soldiers they are allowed to pilot Glasglows & Sutherlands but they are not given the rank of Knight.

    Enlisted - Infantry soldiers who use power armors and firearms to fight the enemies of the empire they are not allowed to pilot any Knightmare but still receive training to pilot one.

    Britannian Social Ranks


    The royals are the Britannian Royal family they are the Highest authority under the Emperor they usually take posts of Generals, Prime Minister etc they are extremely well educated and privileged.

    Emperor - The Emperor is the highest authority in the Empire they rule by absolute power the Emperor wishes is his subjects command.

    Crown Prince aka First Prince - The First Prince is the Governor of Pendragon and is the defacto leader when the Emperor does not wish to rule.

    Prince/Princess - Their power depends on where the Emperor assigns them if they are assigned but each royal is allowed to elevate anyone to be a Knight no matter their nationality or status.


    The aristocracy holds control of most top level positions in the Empire.

    Duke - A Duke is a high ranking title in the Empire they serve as Viceroys, military leaders or governors of complete settlements.

    Earl - Earls is a high ranking title in the empire they serve as heads of important department and institutions.

    Viscount - A Viscount is a mid level noble title where they serve important position in the government such as ambassadors, diplomats etc.

    Baron - Is a low ranking aristocrat who holds a seat in politics and/or military position under a higher ranking noble.

    Knight - A knight is not a hereditary noble title in which with outstanding service to the empire any Britannian whether honorary or born citizen can attain.  


    Commoners make the majority of the empire they're the normal citizens of the empire and can achieve a lot of things any normal person can they with outstanding service to the empire or by royal decree can even join the nobility.

    "Honorary Britannian" - Numbers who are given basic rights as any commoner britannian but they still suffer discrimination.

    Numbers - The conquered masses of the Britannian who refuse to acknowledge Britannian rule they are forced  to live in poverty and ghettos.

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    Re: Ranking System

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:40 pm

    Chinese Federation Military Ranks

    Shang Jiang  - General of the Chinese Federation they are the highest ranked soldiers in the federation who are very autonomous they do not answer to Eunuch's or the Chinese nobility apart from the Emperor.

    Shangxiao - Colonel a colonel is a highly trained senior officer who commands units under a general and/or nobleman.

    Zhong Shi - Sergeant a officer who commands a small number of enlisted in the battlefield.

    Lie Bing - Private a enlisted soldier who is the infantry of the CF army.  

    Chinese Federation Political/Social Ranks

    Huangdi - The Emperor leader of the Chinese Federation and absolute leader much has changed since the fall of the High Eunuchs the monarchy has gained tremendous power that rivals the power the Britannian Empire possesses he also subject of a cult of personality.

    Princes - The princes and princesses of the Chinese Federations like their Britannian counterpart hold a lot of power they act as Governors and/or military leaders.

    Eunuchs - They hold powerful position in the Chinese Empire but not like before as the Emperor has suppressed them from ever becoming that powerful again. They still hold important positions however. They are castrated at a young age and as such cannot have romance.

    Ministers - Ministers are the head of the departments in the Federation they can be Lords or scholars.

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    Re: Ranking System

    Post  Dimitrix Vi Britannia on Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:26 pm

    European Union Military Ranks

    Fuhrer - The Fuhrer is leader of the EU's armies while under the constitution grants him great autonomy the truth is quite different he's under constant pressure from the Bureaucrats to have any real power or decision making.

    Reichsfuhrer - One rank below the Fuhrer a extremely capable military leader who is able to lead all troops of a assigned sector or territory.

    Rittmeister - The High Captain of the EU armies he oversees all military action in a sector and is the leader of all normal units he's usefulness depends on the Bureaucrats.

    Dragoon - Infantry of the EU Armies.

    European Union Political Ranks

    Bundeskanzler - The High Chancellor of the EU he's effectiveness depends on the citizens pleasure.

    Ministers - Leader of the different departments in the EU.

    Senator - Members of the democratically elected law making and decision making Parliament.

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    Re: Ranking System

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