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    Marie Oxersternia


    Marie Oxersternia

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    Marie Oxersternia

    Post  Marie Oxersternia on Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:44 am


    Basic Character Information:
    Name: Oxersternia Marie
    Alias / Nickname: Bloody Angel
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [A detailed writing of what your character looks like. This should be as detailed as you are able be, such as the way they dress, how they carry themselves about, their distinct physical features, et-c. It must be at least a paragraphs long, six lines, minimum.]
    Personality: [This is really important. At least two paragraphs of personality should be posted on each character.]
    Philosophy: [How does your character live in regards to the world?]

    Nation Information:
    Nation Allegiance: European Union
    Political Position:
    Nobility Title: N/A

    Role Information:
    Organization | Group: N/A
    Title: Rittmeister
    Rank: B Rank
    Residency: Stockholm, Sweden, E.U.
    Organization | Group: N/A

    Skill Information:
    Skill Specialty: Knightmare Pilot and Gun Specialist
    -Main: Knightmare Pilot
    -Sub: Gun Specialist
    -Tertiary: N/A

    Special Affinity:

    Special Characteristics:
    Special Characteristics: [These characteristics tells us more about the characters actions; is he a an avid explorer? Is he a courageous warrior?.]



    History Information:
    History: [Please write your history and be detailed. This is mostly for you to know about your character. Split this up into arcs, such as "Birth Arc" where you describe the family and the birth and what that meant/how it affected the family. "Academy Arc" where your character ages enough to enter the military academy or normal academy, and starts to open that chapter of their life. And "Young Adult Arc" where they finally become a soldier or other path they choose after a long time of training in the academy. Each Arc should be around 2-3 paragraphs long]

    [This is where your abilities, gadgets , Weapons and Knightmares are to be posted with their proper formatting.

    Knightmare Page:

    [Post an image of your Frame here. The best you can do it doesn't have to be the exact model but a general idea]

    Name: The name of the Knightmare

    Manufacturer: Who made, sponsored and developed this Knightmare

    Generation: What is the generation of the unit? If it's a prototype of a new generation requires admin approval

    Pilot: The pilot's name.

    Equipment and Design Features

    (List the weapons/equipment you've purchased and wish to install. You must provide proof you have already bought the weapons and devices)

    Height: The average size of a Knightmare is 14 - 15 feet

    Weight: List a general weight for the machine. Average is from 4 - 8 tons.

    Description: Decribe how your Knightmare looks, and give any details possible about how it functions, its exact size. Please describe anything that makes this Knightmare a custom unit.



    [Post an image of your part here, if you'd like.]

    Name: The part's name.

    Manufacturer: Who created this item?

    Part Type: Rifle, Sword, Missile, Shield, etc..

    Construction Type: Energy-based or physical material.

    Equipment and Design Features

    (Explain in as much detail as possible what the weapon looks like, how it works, what it's used for, etc.)

    Development: You will either purchase this weapon with Credits or you will have to do to a development RP according to it's rank.

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